Electrostatic potential surface for M149
This anaesthetic does not have a permanent electrostatic field because it is monoatomic.
However, an electrostatic field can be induced in this agent due to its polarizability.
Structure Details
Structural Formula Argon
Molecular Formula Ar
Chemical Group Other
Anaesthetic Type Inhalational: Conventional Agent
Chiral Structure No
molfield.org ID M149
CAS Number 7440-37-1
ChEMBL (External Link) -
ChEBI (External Link) -
Drug Bank (External Link) -
ChemSpider (External Link) 22407
PubChem (External Link) 23968
Chemicalize.org (External Link) CAS No 7440-37-1
Molecular Weight (g.mol-1) 39.948
In Vivo Activity Data
Immobility: MAC Rat (atm)27 ± 2.6 (n=5)Koblin DD, Fang Z, Eger EI II, et al. Anesth Analg 1998;87:419-24
Physical Properties
Olive Oil / Gas Partition Coeff. at 37°C0.13Koblin DD, Fang Z, Eger EI II, et al. Anesth Analg 1998;87:419-24
Calculated Molecular Properties
van der Waals Volume - 
van der Waals Surface Area - 
Solvent Accessible Volume -(based on a 1.4Å probe)
Solvent Accessible Surface Area -(based on a 1.4Å probe)
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