The database currently holds information for volatile anaesthetics only - Intravenous agents will be available soon. There are three ways to access the database:

(1) Quick Find

Quick find is available from the Home Page and is the best way to find anaesthetics by name. The search has an auto-complete feature, which starts after three characters have been entered. The list shows all the agents in the database that match your query.

Selecting an anaesthetic from the auto-complete list performs a "Name Matches" search and presents the result in Detail View. If you do not select an agent from the list, then a "Name Contains" search is performed and the results are presented in either List View for multiple matches or Detail View for a single result.

(2) Search

Search mode enables you to find anaesthetics based on their names, chemical formulae, molecular characteristics, physical properties or pharmacological data. The property to be searched is selected from the pulldown menu. The form changes to accept either text or numerical input, as appropriate.

Text-based searches are performed for name, molecular formulae (using the Hill system format) or ID search. Auto-complete is available for Name searches, as described in the "Quick Search" section above.

Picture of Text Search Dialogue Box

All other properties are numerical searches. You can specify a range of values to search by completing both the minimum and maximum fields. If you enter a value in only the minimum field, then a "Greater than" search is performed. Likewise, entering a value in just the maximum field peforms a "Less than" search. Leaving both fields blank returns all the records which have data for that property.

Picture of Numerical Search Dialogue Box Picture

Numerical searches can currently be performed for the following:

Immobilizing Activity (atm)Convulsant Activity (atm)*NMDA Receptor Inhibition (IC50 in atm)*
nACh Receptor Inhibition (IC50 in atm)*Saline / Gas Partition CoefficientOil / Gas Partition Coefficient
Octanol / Gas Partition Coefficient*Blood / Gas Partition Coefficient*Water / Gas Partition Coefficient*
vdW Surface Area (Ų)vdW Volume (ų)Solvent Accessible Surface Area (Ų)
Solvent Accessible Volume (ų)Molecular Weight (g.mol-1)

* Indicates data available for only a limited number of agents. A warning message is presented when these criteria are selected.

The results of your search are displayed as a sorted table in List View. If a single match is found, then Detail View will be used.

(3) Browse

This provides a quick way of finding anaesthetics based on their chemical type. For example:

Picture of Browse Dialogue Box Picture

The results from Browse are shown in List View, with the anaesthetics sorted by ascending molecular weight.