List View is used to present results when more than one match is found.

Diagram of List View Output


By default, results are sorted in ascending order for the property used in the search. The columns used to sort the results are highlighted with an orange header (A). You can change the sort order (ascending v descending) or select a different column for sorting by clicking on the arrows next to the column title (B). Multiple column sorts can be defined by selecting the primary sort column first and then selecting additional columns whilst holding down the shift key.

NB: Sorting by Name is problematic due to the compound prefices (e.g. 1,1,2 trifluoro ... etc.). Searches by Name are currently sorted by increasing molecular weight, which gives a more natural order for "Name contains..." results.

Column Order

The property used for the database query is shown in the first data column. Subsequent columns are automatically re-arranged so that properties related to the original search are shown before other data. Further columns can be viewed by horizontal scrolling. The Anaesthetic Agent column is fixed on the left of the table.

Columns Shown

You can select which columns are visible by moving the mouse over the "Show Additional Data For ..." button (C). Some columns are hidden by default, as they only have data for a few of the anaesthetics.

Diagram of Column Visibility Options


The number of anaesthetics shown per page can be adjusted using the "Show xx entries" menu (D). The default is 8 agents per page. Pages can be selected using the pagination controls (E).

PubChem and ChemSpider links

Where available, links are provided to the anaesthetic's page at PubChem and ChemSpider. Clicking on the link will open a new window to the external site.

Reference links

Links are provided to the publisher's web site if the full text of a reference is available for free on-line (F). These papers can also be accessed from the References list below the table.

Entry to Detail View

Clicking on the name of an anaesthetic (G) enters Detail View, which shows all the data available for that agent on a single page. Detail View also shows the three-dimensional structure, shape and electrostatic potential of a low energy conformer of the anaesthetic.