Detail View shows all the data available for an anaesthetic on a single page. If your database query returned only one result, then it will be presented in Detail View automatically. If more than one anaesthetic matches your query, then the results will be presented in List View. In this case, you can enter Detail View by clicking on the name of an anaesthetic in the table.

In addition to the numerical data presented in List View, Detail View also provides graphics of the structure, shape and electrostatic potential surface for a low-energy conformer of the anaesthetic (A).

Diagram of Detail View Structure

3D Structure

If Java is installed on your system, then the Jmol applet will download to show the three-dimensional structure of the anaesthetic conformer. The applet may take a while to load on the first occasion. By default, the electrostatic potential of the molecule will be displayed mapped onto the solvent excluded surface of the conformer. Surface display can be switched on or off as required (B). Click and drag on the structure to rotate.

If the anaesthetic is chiral and the data presented are for the racemate, then a pull-down menu will appear under the "Structure Details" section to enable the other stereoisomers to be viewed (C). The orientation of the anaesthetic is retained when switching, enabling you to rotate the structure into a more favourable position to view the effects of chirality on both the electrostatic potential and the shape of the conformer.

If Java is not installed, static non-rotatable images of the electrostatic potential surface or anaesthetic structure are shown. If the anaesthetic is chiral and the data are for the racemate, then static images can be selected for the other isomers.

Navigation Buttons

If you entered Detail View by clicking on an anaesthetic's name in List View, then additional navigation buttons will appear at the top right-hand side of the page (D). These buttons enable you to navigate to the Next or Previous anaesthetics in the list which matched your database query. There is also a button to return to List View.

Database links

Where available, links are provided to the anaesthetic's details at the following databases (E): ChEMBL, ChEBI, DrugBank, PubChem & ChemSpider. Clicking on the link will open a new window to the external site.

Reference links

Links are provided to the publisher's web site if the full text of a reference is available for free on-line (F). For example:

Diagram of Detail View Structure