The Anaesthetic Structure Database is part of the project: An independent, non-profit, academic molecular modelling programme led by Dr. Jason C. Sewell to investigate the Molecular Mechanisms of General Anaesthesia.


We gratefully acknowledge the use of the following software for the calculation of the anaesthetics' molecular properties:

James J. P. Stewart, Stewart Computational Chemistry, Colorado Springs, CO, USA ( MOPAC is used for the geometry optimization of the anaesthetic structures & the calculation of their electrostatic properties.

Java & JavaScript Libraries

We also wish to thank the authors of the following JavaScript & Java libraries, whose work have made a major contribution to the features of this website:

DataTables plug-in for jQuery by Allan Jardine ( DataTables is used to present the customizable search results in List View.
Jmol An open-source Java viewer for chemical structures in 3D ( Jmol is used to view the structure, molecular surface and electrostatic potentials of the anaesthetics in Detail View.
PluginDetect by Eric Gerds (, which provides a very reliable method of detecting whether Java is installed.
jQuery (, a JavaScript library which is used by the following plug-ins on this site:
- FancyBox by Janis Skarnelis (, which is used for the floating dialogue boxes.
- jQuery UI (, which provides the AutoComplete and SelectMenu components of search forms.
- Uniform (, which is used to improve the appearance of Checkbox and Radio Buttons in forms.
- jQuery Cycle by Malsup (, which provides the molecule slideshow on the Home page.